The Lemon Meal

It took 13 lemons,

a pound of butter, 2 quarts of chicken broth, 18 eggs, most of the morning,

and three helpers.

The menu:


lemon cheesecake


lemon creamcheese scones from Betty Crocker’s Homemade Quick breads (a wedding present)

and lemon mousse though I didn’t use jarred lemon curd, I doubled the recipe from the lemon cheesecake.

and if this sounds like a menu crafted by young people who asked for both/and on desert instead of either/or: that’s because it is.

I did add the soup though, which will be a standby when we have colds next, because even if all that lemon juice gets its vitamin c cooked out of it, we will be able to taste it no matter how stuffy we are.

My Mom joined us for the meal

We brought the leftover mousse to Sunday School Coffee break, but we at the cheesecake for breakfast.

2 thoughts on “The Lemon Meal

  1. That’s one of my favorite soups. I wonder why I never make it? I bet the cheesecake would be my favorite, too.

    • I don’t actually know how to pronounce it, and I’d never tasted it until I made it Saturday, but it was scrumptious.

      I thought all that lemon would get monotonous, but the different textures made it lovely.