Reset Day

B is beginning to really “get,” organisation.  Which in some ways is more important than the subject matter we’re organising.

Last night he listed the things coming up this week, and asked for a re-set day, which, as you will see, was a really good idea.  So today, we are tidying the house, and setting our flat surfaces to rights.

Why is that such a good idea right now?  This weekend B had coop on Friday, with a church conference Friday night and Saturday Morning, his first F.I.R.S.T. meeting, then the usual Sunday line up, except that we ALL took naps in the PM.  He also has a cold.  M’s head is stuffy, and he has major othodontia scheduled for today.  So we need a re-set day.

But mostly, it’s a good idea, because I forgot that I’m hosting a Homeschool Mom’s Fellowship tonight, and I could not find the folder with my banking info for Christine Guest Designs. (It’s on my desk now, and I just paid the bill I needed it for).  It was in a generic binder, and got filed with B’s homeschool books.  I need a logo just so I can identify my business stuff!

One more thing to worry about as a home educator: he’s learning organisation from me.



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