The upstairs neighbers came down to play, cheerfully for about an hour, then they got bored.  Usually I’m in make dinner mode, but this afternoon I got to be a good hostess – I taught them how to brainstorm.  Here’s the list of stuff they came up with to do, after I eliminated the items like

“Jump on the beds” and “Destroy the Bookcases.”


play in your house

play in my house

play with my brother

play jelly fish

play with mags

make a fort

staring contest


colonial games

pull out a game




put on funny hats

dress up box

make a mask


make giant play dough balls

They were surprised at how many ideas they came up with, and this close to supper, so was I.

2 thoughts on “BrainStorm

  1. It’s a dice game – like Yatze
    M could see it from where he and the neighbors were dictating their brainstorm, so I think it made an impression on him.
    I thought, I have this list already on my computer, may as well copy and paste it, ready made blog entry, gotta feed the blog…