Colleen, the Wonder Detail Lady and a Story

Colleen came to the Eagle’s Wings Co-op Planning meeting, despite having had a medical procedure that morning.  She took notes at the white board (without erasing the Sunday School chart) and reminded us to keep the discussion on track.

I was writing the same information down on little strips of paper that I could move around on the floor at my feet to make sure no volunteer needed a time  machine to get to both hours of class.  But colleen since keeps all those details in her head in real time so well, I wound up listening to the discussion and copied her notes later – amazing woman I’m glad she’s on my side!

She shared a story I hadn’t heard before.  One of the co-op teens, Meredith Morrison, taught a frame knitting class a few years ago.  Colleen was car pooling a little girl from our co-op to the next co-op and her daughters helped this frustrated child fix her holes and re-cast on if needed during the drive.  I knew that the little girl was upset at the time, but her family isn’t co-op-ing at Eagle’ Wings anymore, so I hadn’t heard the sequel.

This Christmas, that little girl knit 30 hats for a homeless shelter, partly with yarn Colleen’s girls and other friends had collected for her.

You don’t really know what a student will do with a class while you are teaching it.

One thought on “Colleen, the Wonder Detail Lady and a Story

  1. You have my permission and blessing to include the teacher’s name on this post. Meredith was absolutely thrilled to see this, as am I.