Where were we?

There is a certain confusion each morning as I remember the story of yesterday.

This morning M and K were a little on edge, and I was extra tired, like I’d been walking on concrete.

I printed out  my map for picking up freecycle craft supplies for my co-op class this afternoon, then walked the copies to my purse by the back door.  There was a plastic container in my purse next to my Burt’s bees lip balm, a napkin and a straw.  Oh yes, K’s pistachio muffin box, we took the train to Boston yesterday.

B did all the navigating and ticket purchasing successfully.  Next time that  he needs a Spanish tutorial in person, he’s going solo (with a track phone, not because he’ll need voice help, but because I’ll need voice confirmation that he arrived.  He may be taller than me, but I get nervous.)

But if K is really, really missing her little cousins, we’ll all troupe up again.  Besides, the Harvard coop was fun to brows in.

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