Reading and Robot Hair

This morning, I deflected K’s fears of getting hurt when I brushed her hair, by asking how many ponytails I should put in.  She surprised my by asking for three and holding up the correct fingers.

So, trial one had a pony in back, and two on the sides.  She looked in the mirror and shook her head. I guess it looked just like two pony tails from her angle.

Trial two had a pony on top, and two on the sides.  K held her top pony up straight in the air, and said, “I want it like this, Alien hair, I want to look like a robot.”

Well, short of pipe cleaners, I wasn’t sure how to make a pony tail go straight up: so I coiled it into a bun.

Last night Dan snapped this of me reading the Bible story book to M and K.  I thought about using the GIMP to switch my cheerful face with my dramatic face so we’d all have cheerful expressions in the same photo, but then I decided to put up both photos and leave it at that.

I guess I just do strange things with my face when I’m reading.

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