Planning to be Flexible

The unknown does not scare me so much if I put it on my to-do list.

Several members of my family are traveling this way today, and I’m feeding them – at my Mom’s house so they all have room to sit down.  I’m making homemade pizza (my go-to lots of people/children will eat it meal) and home made ice cream sandwiches.

I just have to buy ingredients, start the dough, and bake the thin chocolate cake part.

I’m between pattern writing projects at the moment, which is good timing because I have to write M’s assessment narrative.  I didn’t keep really great notes this year, so I was mining the blog for anecdotes, and looking through his old papers to see what he has learned this year?  He certainly looks taller than last year’s pictures but I don’t think the local principal is too interested in that.   Reading.  That’s what she wants to see.  And IS he reading?

Anyone want to hear about vision therapy software? We did a lot of that this year.

B has found the stash of my Dad’s bookcase wargames at my Mom’s house.  He’s figuring out the rules to Panzer Blitz.  It was sweet to see the old envelopes of game pieces labeled in my Dad’s handwriting.  I even like the smell of the old pieces.

B needs a  playing partner, but I’m not up to a 50+ page book of instructions, hopefully he’ll get one of his friends to play with him.  Yesterday we had some friends over to play the Dominion card game.  K felt left out until the new upstairs neighbor GIRLS got  home from school and she could show them the garden with me.  They all liked eating mint leaves.

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