It’s been a Weird Week.

Monday: B unicycled in the Memorial Day Parade, my Mom grilled dinner for us.

Tuesday: I took my “in service Day” and organized the last 1/6 of this year’s school – B was in charge of K all morning.

Wednesday: We realized we were missing a test from Algebra, re-shuffled B’s assignments to fit it in, I figured out his year to date grade.  Next year I will do that for geometry as we go, and maybe sprinkle in some proofs for credit.

That afternoon we went swimming at the Y, meaning that B’s friends couldn’t come over to play games.  At least supper wasn’t pasta.

Thursday: We had a chance for K to work at the Hasbro Funlab with her little friend G, so we packed a picnic to eat with her family at Slatter Park after the play session.  On the way home I bought the kids shoes and picked up the sheet music for the High School graduation – they put out a call for band members.  I got to meet the band director, and B can play there next year!  He’ll just have to march in 5 home football games.

That evening our new upstairs neighbors held a home blessing and invited us.  The pastor translated the remarks into English for us.  When B arrived home from mowing Mom’s lawn, he quickly showered and joined us upstairs.  The pastor asked him what his grandmother served for supper (since that’s his pay for mowing.)  When he heard fish and rice, he said she sounded like a Latina.

Friday: We harvested the winter rye from the community garden for my hat making experiment, before the rain came in.  Dan, B and I watched Captain America.

Saturday: I took B shopping for dress pants and shirt that fit him.  He has a concert next week.  I only seem to buy him new things if there is a wedding or concert.  How does anyone find 29/31 jeans?  No wonder guys B’s age can’t keep their waist bands up…OK maybe it is a style…a stupid one.

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