Stomach Flu

So, K is well, bouncy and bored. We stayed home from church because I was afraid we’d pass this on to the other families with young kids – or the elderly. It was a hard sell to Dan though; leaving his Sunday School class un-taught felt like he was abandoning his post. As it turned out, it took both of us to keep Ben and M comfortable-ish this morning, so I’m glad he agreed with me to stay home from church.

I’m trying not to worry that we adults are next. Maybe our immune systems have seen this particular virus before?

So far; Silk Stockings (minus the dancing in underwear parts) Laurel and Hardy and Mirror Mirror have been hits. Today K went upstairs to play with the middle floor girls, and the guys watched documentaries about the A-10 Warthog on the internet.

Oh, I hope I skip this sickness!

One thought on “Stomach Flu

  1. On the off chance it comes around, I would try to keep some Coca-cola syrup on hand. It was the only thing that settled my stomach when I had a bad stomach flu. You can find it in some pharmacies that mix flavored medicines for children. In a pinch, you can just use the soda, but make sure it’s flat. And I hope you don’t need to try this!

    Thank you for your comment!
    Peace and Laughter!