No, not the coffee!

In the process of diagnosing my celiac, the gastroenterologist noticed that I have GERD. Now that I know it, I notice it too. And caffeine is indeed a trigger for me.

No, not the coffee!  Not the tea!  And not the chocolate!

There are decent herbal drinks that taste coffee like – but they are made out of barley, which has gluten.

So, I’m cutting down to two cups of coffee a day, hoping that’s enough.  I already have a tilted bed.  If it doesn’t I’ll cut down to one; then none.  At least that way I won’t get headaches.

I’m looking for a joke to put here – or something profound.  I could learn something spiritually from this?  Since I have to ‘fast’ anyway, it could…nah.

OK, a joke;  yarn is still caffeine and gluten free.

But for both money and time, it still has to be budgeted.  I think I’m still looking for the spiritual/joke part.  I guess I’m just a middle aged grown up and I have to eat and swim like one, without pouting.

Oh that sounds boring.

One thought on “No, not the coffee!

  1. Maybe you could up your exercise to make up for the lack of caffeine? I feel for you. If anyone tried to take away my caffeine habit, the least I would do is pout. Actually, I’m pretty sure I would bite them. :o)

    Have you tried taking acidopholus/probiotic supplements?

    Peace and Laughter (I’m sure you’ll find a joke, it’s just harder to be funny when you are in caffeine withdrawal!)