When you ask Nicely

On my way to the Y to swim, I saw that the Parks Department were pruning their ornamental cherry trees.  I asked if I could have some of the prunings, and they even snipped some of the huge branches into smaller pieces for me.

The folks waiting in line at the food pantry at the Methodist church all smiled at my branches.  Some thought I should hang them on my door, some thought I should make a Halloween decoration, they all said I should ask the lady behind the desk at the Y to hold them for me, who would mind that?

They were right, she didn’t mind at all.

M was happy to to smash the ends for me with a hammer so they’d take up more water (at least the books I read a long time ago about flower arranging said you should smash the ends.)  He really was happy, just hungry in the photo.

Since it was art lesson day, I had us draw the cherries, leaves and any other detail they liked.  I never knew before that the stems of the ornamental cherries are red, and so are the veins of the leaves.

I used the markers for my drawing, there wasn’t another package of drawing pencils.

I drew in the back of my knitting notebook, summer submissions calls come in the winter, so a drawing now of fruit may help me for reference later on.


My sunflowers are Red Russians, so they fit in nicely.

choke cherries in vase

I’m glad I asked this morning!

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