An awful lot of get organized posts

There are a ton of get organized posts over at Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers Blog.  As usual, some of them are funny.

According to my Tomboy Notes on my desktop, I’ve finished my major annual planning; the curriculum is chosen, the major divisions are set, I’ve made an academic calender and penciled in our quarters. I haven’t updated Ben’s transcript because he’s not done with all of his classes yet, I haven’t ordered the books yet (next month) and I haven’t written the detailed schedule for the first quarter for Ben yet.  I did get all my paperwork into the school district earlier than ever, but they are all new employees and none of them were impressed.  In fact, one principal tried to schedule a meeting, which isn’t required in Massachusetts, so we had a mild kerfluffle to explain the law to him.

That was fine as paperwork goes, but I wanted more of a celebration for getting all the stuff together.  What a juvanile desire, grownups don’t get jollies from finishing big scary paperwork jobs, it’s not like the IRS sends you a card when you finish your taxes (at least not one with balloons on it.)

I still need to organized the homeschool stash, decide what art materials I need to re-order, and pick up some office supplies, K has (of course) run through all of her new sketch books.

This week I’m helping out at a CEF 5-Day club in the neighborhood, I’m making some progress towards begin ready to teach Jonah at the church’s Family Fun Fair.

Oh, and I just sent a new pattern to the tech editor.

So, lots of projects going on.  I’m trying not to let K slip onto Minecraft and quietly play away the summer while I don’t notice what she is doing.  That’s going…Maybe Dan is right, I need a laptop so I can do my organization at the park while K plays on the swings.

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