Little Victories

I realized that K’s chin is sore because her teeth are coming in, and, just like when she was a baby, I should put Vasoline on her chin at bedtime.  Much better.

Two weeks ago we bought a thermas for Ben so when he eats lunch at his tutoring class, he can have hot beans and rice (or soup, or tea…gf bread making good hot, but bad cold sandwiches) Then I realized on the nights when he eats dinner early before marching band practice, beans and rice are a good go-to meal.  So far a boring adjustment – but then I realized that until football season is over, I have two meals a week without Ben – and I can make all the food he hates without inflicting it on him.  Mac and cheese here we come, and eggplant everything while it’s in season!

While the “I will get every lesson in no matter how bad the laundry is,” resolve is weakening, we may finish reading “Archimedes and the Dawn of Science” with occasional hydrostatic experiments before the book is due at the library.  K mixed her eureka narration with her Sunday School story about Onesimus and Philemon, “The Usefuls grabbed their master and made  him take a bath, but he got an idea and ran home without his clothes!” I’m hot sure specific gravity caught on – but who doesn’t like playing with blocks, water and a scale. If only I’d let M and K themselves do the experiment instead of making it into a demonstration.  That kinda cut the point of hands on in half.

I listened to M this morning and went swimming.  He says I’m calmer (nicer?) if I swim.

I washed my kitchen and workshop windows.  It had the same effect on my apartment that blocking has on a piece of lace knitting.

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