They also serve who only fill out papers

I re-wrote my massive annual paperwork list in different colors with action statements beginning with verbs instead of the interlocking issues I was afraid I’d forget.  Teasing out the interlocking-ness took some time, and there are now crossed off lines on the to-do list.  I sorta/kinda feel a little better?

I’ve been telling myself that last year I didn’t coordinate a testing coop, or help a Junior begin the college application process.  Somehow the internal satisfaction lever isn’t impressed.

Yesterday, an hour before the library closed, M finished the last Artemis Fowl book, Ben and I walked down to the library with him to save the situation.  Just as we were going, my friend Karen posted a book list on fb that had some new suggestions, and we found 2 of them on the shelves.  I put some others on reserve over the internet.  Then we walked upstairs to the adult novels so I could show them where the Agatha Christie’s and Wodehouse’s were shelved (Mysteries, Westerns and Sci Fi all have their own spaces at our library, all other novels by authors last name, though the large print are off by themselves in the fireplace room.)  It felt a bit like a right of passage – here are the books beyond the middle readers.  The YA’s are up on the third floor, I usually like them, but like an anime, I want to read a review first, I don’t want to be surprised by a hormonal vampire, or unleash one on M unaware.

K has learned how to make a granny square.  It’s about 15 inches across at the moment.  Last night instead of a story, she pulled out my copy of Connect the Shapes Crochet Motifs Book and asked me to explain how to make a granny triangle.  I keep pointing to the crochet stitches chart, and she keeps saying, “Mommy, just tell me what to do next until I understand it.”

It’s like I’m trying to teach her to read or something.



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