Send them all to camp?

I wish I’d signed M and K up for camp, so I could write these homeschool plans without worrying that I’m neglecting the kids while I do it.  (K watched a movie and played Minecraft this morning- not exactly the end of the world.) Yes, I have the homeschool organizing blues.  I keep writing chirpy to do lists to get myself to finish the curriculum plans – only to find that I’d either underestimated the amount of time it will take to do a task, or tried to turn an issue into a task.

I don’t want to re-write a list, I want to slash off the items in triumph.

I don’t want to ponder, discuss, re-examine or think deeply, I want to create a list, do a list, and cross off items off a list.

But the very act of creating the to do list temps me to skip the thoughtful parts.  And now that I’ve done (some) of the thoughtful parts, I feel sad that the list isn’t finished, too tired to go back to the list, and vaguely alarmed that my initial list was faulty.

I know, figuring out the values/inadequacies of lists is beyond me.  I’ll just make a new list with “think deeply” on it, cross it off, and take K swimming this afternoon.



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