Teenagers – my force multipliers

We had volunteered to help my Mom pass out invitations to the 4 Day Club she’s hosting in a neighborhood near her – which meant less time to clean house this morning.  As we were discussing which chores to skip, Ben and Matt (he’s 13 now, so I’ll use his name) volunteered to stay behind to mop the kitchen floor, and sort out the back hall closet.

Our back hall closet might possibly have a black hole in it.  It’s needed attention for a while, but I’ve just closed the door and hoped to avoid a containment breach.

I’m not sure how we got from giving out chores to spend time with kids, keep them busy or build their characters to giving out chores because we needed help – but I’m really glad we did.  Apparently I left the camera in Pennsylvania, but take my word for it, the closet looks pretty.

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