Getting Organized for January

I’m holding off on writing a “What didn’t work in 2016” post because I’m already feeling gloomy, I’m still digging out of flu chores, and I keep remembering things I could have added to the what did work post, which oddly enough, doesn’t cheer me any.

K making sure Daddy kept his fluids up with a tea party
K making sure Daddy kept his fluids up with a tea party

Ben ended the fall semester with an ear infection, Matt, K and Dan caught a dreadful cold (or flu) which turned into pneumonia for Dan, he’s on his last antibiotic today, the meds worked so well it’s like a miracle. Man, that guy does a lot around here, not to mention earning all of our money –  trying to keep him resting and do both our work is tiring.

Wednesday Dan told me to go to the yarn store, I bought two skeins of merino to make a scarf with – I figured it comes out of the fair prize money I got from Rhinebeck for the speed crochet and chopstick knitting contests.

Here ends the post from last Friday.

It’s Tuesday the 10th now.  I’ve caught the cold that I hope is just a cold.  Dan is still really tired, though a modern-medicine-miracle better than last week.  Matt and k are bouncy, but still cough a lot, Ben has started another cold with nose action this time.

I think next fall needs more rest, and oranges and fewer volunteer opportunities.  Or perhaps more midweek vacation days used to rest up.

But Matt and K helped me come up with a homeschool day schedule that worked wonderfully yesterday (today is suburban nomad day when I get the car so I can shop at Marketbasket when it isn’t mobbed and drive Matt to his Good Company Tutorials class – we don’t do kitchen table school on top of that.)

We’ve been prioritizing daily walks before the sun sets so we all get a little more sunshine, I have a craving to watch science documentaries – any recommendations?

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