I Didn’t Dodge the Pneumonia

So that is what pneumonia felt like. I can now read those novels with sick characters and understand it. I have laryngitis too.

We have now had about a month off of school, minus little bits we got in after New Years before everyone got super sick.

I think I need to take some hedge clippers to my plans and ambitions. Various things aren’t going to happen, I may as well proclaim it, and prune off the guilt. Also note the unexpected bonuses: Matt has been cooking with and for me a lot these weeks, K has been playing more board games. Maybe I can get the Story of the Early Modern World on cd from the library, so K can keep up with history – without Matt taking that on too. (Note, the library doesn’t have our year – maybe I should BUY a copy.)

Not being able to talk is peaceful-ish. People tend to start whispering if I’be been attempting to whisper. I should make a sign “I can still hear, you don’t have to whisper.” But that’s a lot of writing.

I never wrote a post “How do I homeschool when I’m really sick?” in my how do I … and homeschool series – I wish I had, I could use some ideas!

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