Last week it was cold – not today

K making breakfast out of fresh tortillas
K making breakfast out of fresh tortillas

Last week when it was still hot enough to want to wear long sleeves under a tee shirt, K asked for George Washington’s breakfast, as laid out in the picture book by Jean Fritz. Only I was out of cornmeal, so I used masa.  She ate the ones with jam on them – which would not have seemed icky to me if they had been made with cornmeal, so I figured that was irrational and kept my mouth shut.

Ben is out of school and bike riding to job interviews as much as he can.   Matt is done with his English lit class, nearly done with Latin (My Mom wants to go traveling, she’s itching for freedom from tutorial prep.)  K’s teeth were adjusted this week, so I’ve been making homeschool have very short lessons indeed while reading Diana Wynn Jones a good deal out loud to her.

I’ve published two more mitts patterns, they are the same design, one is knit the other is crochet .

Crocheted Half Moon Mitt and Knit Half Moon Mitt

Next week is testing coop.  I’m the administrator this year.  I did get two friends to sign up as backups in case I get gluttened or similarly put out of action.  The last two leaders/co-leaders left me oodles of documents about who to phone to get the key to the church we rent, what to say, which url to click to get people quickly signed up as approved testers by both BJU and the Pearson company…and from the checklist that Sue and I made, things are fine.  But I have the sinking feeling that I’ve forgotten something and somehow do not deserve to be…fill in the blank. Reading fun novels or something?

Speaking of which, Megan Whalen Turner’s Thick of Thieves should arrive Monday afternoon.  I’d better make sure my checklists are good before something truly procrastination worthy gets delivered to my doorstep.



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