Summer photos

Dan took Matt and K to Capron Park on Saturday to wave bubbles, it was overcast, and moist days are the best for bubbles.  (Dan will be writing one of guest series soon about all things bubbles).

K decided to use ALL of her available building toys to make a marble amusement park.

In mid August we recruited as many of Matt’s friend as possible to help build the maze at the church fair.

And set up tents.

This year I was the cook.  K’s friends and younger served as porters bringing water and water melon to the kids in the sun, and hauling trays from the church kitchen to the picnic tables.

Dan, of course, brought bubbles to the fair.

The next Monday was my anniversary, and Dan brought me to the Blackington Inn for lunch (they have a gf menu that included dessert)  Our friends had given us a card for there years ago.  Then Mom whisked K and I to Keansburge NJ for the rest of the week at the shore.  We went to Ellis Island and Liberty Island one of the days.

I thought K’s favorite part would be the ferries between the islands, but she enjoyed sketching the bold, bold sea gulls at the picnic spot.

On the last Friday of the summer before Ben’s college started up again, we drove to Demarest Lloyd Beach state park.  Ben took K on a long walk one way,

Matt took a long walk the other way.

I dozed near the picnic site, watched the Bank Swallows, and eventually ventured into the cold water.

K collected about 2 quarts of pebbles and shells.


2 thoughts on “Summer photos

  1. Those bubbles are amazing! I look forward to hearing how to create those at home (or, at a nearby park on a moist day). On a completely different note it’s hard to believe how big our kids are.