Last Friday, At Co-op

I passed my camera to one of our floating subs to take pictures of the activities, it’s fun to get photos from someone else’s perspective.At the two ends of the age spectrum, we have holding classes – B brings his book and laptop to ‘study hall’ to work on projects and library books during the hour he is not signed up for a class.The nursery gives older kids not taking a class another area to volunteer in, and keeps our littles safe. (We have two adults also).

One of our teens is teaching an Irish Step Dance class, this week her students got to try on her old costumes.

Another one of our teens is teaching a nature crafts class, which is also helping her earn something or other with the Girl Scouts (leadership or something?)

The little kids have been as happy collecting the materials for this class as they have been to make the crafts.

Miss M has taught two art classes this session, B has been preparing his project to show on his week – not sure when his week is, but he’s learning all about Frank Lloyd Wright – my eyebrows have been stuck on the ceiling over some of what he has discovered, but I still like the buildings.  B wants to see the Gugenheim.

We also have a lending library.  This year Practical Homeschooling Magazine gave our whole co-op a subscription, 50 free issues every other month.  most of them have been taken home so far.We also have the books we’ve purchased for classes in the past, and some Lego Dacta kits, and classical music tapes.The younger kids have been studying birds.Here is Miss M’s other art class.

And the international music class.

My class is trucking along through the Peacemaker’s Jr curricula.  They like the cartoons in the student books, but the analytical nature of the current topic’s questions are way over the heads of most of the younger kids.  My room is dark, so we’ll try for photos of us next week.

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