Creative Process

Some weeks you just keep hearing things on a theme.  This week it was creative process.

Do you work organically or analytically as a crochet designer?  Do you switch back and forth between the modes of thinking?

What steps do you go through in knitwear design?

What is your scrapbook process?

Haven’t yet seen a homeschool process post yet, but I’m expecting one any day now, maybe I’ll write it!

3 thoughts on “Creative Process

  1. I can’t speak for our resident knitter, but if you want a cartoonist’s perspective, I usually spend the week thinking about a topic and then I think of story lines and dialogue I can use. Sometimes I even write this down so I won’t forget. ;-) The actual drawing is the very last phase of the process, after sketching and lettering.

    For homeschooling, I take similar steps. I look at what the kids are interested in and keep that in mind when I’m browsing books and movies at the library, or websites at home. If I want to teach them something, I get stealthy. I taught my youngest the multiplication tables last week by color coding patterns in the ones and tens places. We assigned a color to each number, 1-9. She eventually took over the color coding and then we studied the patterns made by numbers in the ones and tens places of each table. She never knew she was learning!

    Peace and Laughter!

  2. I love your cartoons. I can’t wait to read more of them. I haven’t been on here for months. We’ve been moving…again…to a 2o acre farm. Yes, we are officially crazy. lol I’d love to hear how everyone is doing.