{pretty, funny, happy, real} Tidying up the cabinets


round button chicken


Real: I can’t get organizing work done unless K is either “helping” me, or busy on something fun.  Fun is easier; this day she was making play dough cannoli

Funny: two messy cabinets emptied only my table; how did I get so rich that I own this much stuff?

and another play dough creation, this will count as pretty:

Ah, better.  Really ready for the fall baking projects now:

It helped to put the round stackibles in one spot, and flat things in another.

I threw out a large garbage bag full of broken things and plastic storage missing lids or bottoms.

Funny: It really helped that my Mom had invited us to dinner, so I could sort and organise without also having to start dinner that day.

5 thoughts on “{pretty, funny, happy, real} Tidying up the cabinets

  1. I have cleaning out the cupboards on the to do list as well! Can’t wait for fall baking projects myself. I hope you’ll share yours here!