Theology 101

Last night K told me that God lives in her closet.

I replied that God is everywhere (we call that omnipresent) so he IS in her closet, but he’s also everywhere else too.

She sighed, Mommy just wasn’t getting it.  “But Mommy, Heaven IS in my closet, so that is where God is.”

I tried again on omnipresent, then went back to regular bedtime.

Disturbed, I told DH about it.

“What does she think he’s doing in her closet?  Did you ask?” he said. Then he laughed!

I shook myself, and wondered at his composure.  Then I decided he was right: God’s attributes will come up again.  She doesn’t have to understand all mysteries before she turns 4.

2 thoughts on “Theology 101

  1. SweetP told me the other day that she and God were almost the same age, because her birthday is just a week after his. Who knew?