Time change Ameliorations

Last year when I was moaning about the time change throwing me, my friend Annie said she’d put her kids to bed 6 minutes later each night to get them used to it the week before.  I thought I’d try it this year – but, umm.  Well, first I forgot that the change was coming, and second, my kid’s bedtime sort of varies by how attentive Dan and I are to the fact that IT IS bedtime and we need to be pushing the wet noodle up hill now.  (You know, the bath/book/bed noodle, with it’s many twists, like theological questions that should be addressed, story discussions, needing a drink of water, having to go to the bathroom again, and the all time favorite, let’s start the bed time ritual after winning a computer game, it’s mean to break it up in the middle.)

But last night was a choir concert/deaconess food snack at church.  So we all stayed up later than usual, even for a time change night.  Then K woke up at the new 6:00 hungry, and the morning went on as usual, only the clock said we weren’t late.

I know poison hour will be worse than it was last week.  But right now, this morning feels comfy.  Especially since B has the “How to Train your Dragon” soundtrack cd out from the library and is playing it in the kitchen.

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