Co-op Ladies are the Best

My Pastor phoned a day or two ago needing to speak with me, which is unusual since Dan is the deacon.  A sweet lady has died, and her family is holding the funeral here, though she’d lived down south for a few years.  What’s that got to do with co-op?  The funeral is being held in-between the last co-op of the year, and the performance of Alice in Wonderland that night, could we have the building clean and empty by 1PM – instead of this year’s usual 2PM?

Well, I think my church is pretty marvy to begin with.  They don’t even charge us rent, and here pastor was asking me if he could hold a funeral on a day I had dibs on the building.

I started writing e-mails to the teachers, could we skip recess, could the dress rehearsal be held during the art class (of course, we are all sorry, and no one thinks your class is unimportant…) could the cake decorating class be early (we have it after lunch because the Dad who teaches it works night shift and needs to wake up first).  I made a schedule of the last day.

And held my breath and almost bit my nails.

And everyone said sure, we can pull this off.

Even the lady in charge of clean up.

I should have known…because the Co-op Ladies are Classy.

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