I got up before Ben today

Usually the first one up is Ben – unless his alarm clock is wonky again.  He had it calibrated (set it 2 hours and 15 min earlier than you actually wanted to get up.) But Dan made it more (oh bother, do I mean precise or accurate?).  He likes to finish his geometry before breakfast and know that his evening will be free to read books and tell jokes.

Last night when Dan got up to check on K (who had after all wet the bed) he fixed himself a snack and narrowly avoided getting bonked on the head by the rolling pin – M is now putting dishes away after supper, but he’s not tall enough to reach it in the cabinet safely.   That was exciting enough that I woke up too.

Unable to fall back asleep, Dan and I decided to hold a date, with fancy-ish coffee, a long talk, and some Christmas shopping online. We tried to remember we’ve just received a $100 Walmart card in the mail from a friendly anonymous person and keep checking which of our list items can be bought there.

Thank you Anonymous person!

Somehow Dan discovered that it is possible to buy a coffin at Walmart – which perhaps proves that shopping at 3AM is not a great idea.

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